Gale Head, Garfield, North and South Twin
February 21-23, 2004

Another adventure into the great whites, Gordon and I headed off on Saturday Morning, February 21 for a three-day adventure to four of the White Mt. over 4,000 foot peaks. The hike started with iffy weather at best and only got worse as the days wore on, making for a very challenging and adventuresome three days, none-the-less, one of our all time best trips.

On our first day, we climbed to 3,800 ft and settled in into a fine campsite knowing that if the weather ever broke we would be afforded some excellent views. After setting up camp, we climbed our first peak, Gale Head, at just over 4,000 ft. We returned at dusk and settled in for a great camp cooked meal (Gordon’s a great cook!) and a good nights rest for our next days adventure.

On Sunday we set off for an out and back hike across Garfield Ridge to Garfield Peak (approximately 4,200 ft), for a total of 6.2 miles. Not far, under normal circumstances, but given the severe wind and snow with which we were pelted with all day, and significant elevation gains and losses, as we took the roller coaster ride across the ridge to the summit, it was quite a full days work.

Even though the summit was completely socked in, it still made for a great experience and the “being on another planet” kind of feeling. It was pretty wild up there and perfect for a couple of great shots.

After renaming the mountain “Bob” (see pictures) we headed back to camp a little wet and a lot tired for another great meal, including an appetizer, soup and tortellini with sauce and French bread (camping should not be that rough). It snowed all night again and we woke up Monday to a half buried tent and what appeared to be another miserable day on the mountains.

We set our minds to the task of bagging our last and greatest peaks of the trip, North and South Twin, 4,700 and 4,900 ft. The first part of the day consisted of a 1,100 ft climb in .5 miles (ouch). As we grunted up the Mountain we noticed the weather start to break. By the time we got to the top, we could actually see some views, although few and far between, but the next few hours made for some of the greatest views of the Whites, as the clouds and fog began to gradually give way to a totally clear sky by the end of the day.
We were high on the ridge and summits of the Twins for over 3 hours and every minute of it was stunning and ever-changing as the clouds whipped about. Needless to say, this made the trip.

After bagging our last two peaks, we headed back to camp to tear down and get back to the car. Our last day was the longest with over 10 miles of hiking, much of which was with full packs, but no doubt the highlight of the trip. We made it out the woods by 5:30 and another grand winter adventure under our belt.
Hope you enjoyed hearing about and getting a glimpse of our journey, tune in text time for the next chapter in Bob and Gordon’s quest for the 48 highest peaks of New Hampshire…. In the winter!





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