Chaos on the Cohos Trail: A Winter Thru-Hike

In February of this year, Matt “Gator” Miller, Ian “Willie Nelson” Hart, Ryan “Kris Kristofferson” Hart, Collin “Waylon Jennings” Hart, documented their first ever hike of the Cohos Trail in the winter. Thank you guys for sharing your journey!

Matt “Gator” Miller:

The Cohos Trail is a 170+ mile hike through New Hampshire. It starts in Crawford Notch and ends on the Canadian border. When I was on the AT, I met three brothers doing a southbound thru-hike: Collin, Ian, and Ryan. We all completed the SRK Greenway together and then decided to tackle this hike… in the dead of winter. We experienced extremely high winds, rain, snow, and continuous negative temperatures. But we got it done!!! We didn’t know this when we started, but we are actually the first people to ever complete a thru-hike in the winter on this trail.

Please consider donating to the Cohos Trail. There is an active fundraiser online:… Even if you can’t donate please share the link on all social media and like “The Friends of the Cohos Trail” on facebook.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!

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